Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ah the pretty colors

Daiseys, originally uploaded by torri_g.

I've neglected my blog here for far to long. I really haven't meant to, it is just something that happens when I let myself get distracted with a little thing called life. There have been lots of projects being worked on around the house. Ton's of running kids here, there, and everywhere. Plus just a busy schedule of other things filling my days. This week is a prime example of busy...Five horse back riding lessons in one week. Girls prepping for the next J-6 riding event this Saturday. Birthday party, graduation party, science project, and a handful of other assorted things. (Maybe two handfuls)

My other keep me busy has been planning a summer vacation home to visit. Come this July 15th we have lived in Arizona for 7 years, and I have only made trips back home twice in that time, and both times were sadly for funerals. So I think it is about time to make a trip that is for happy we just want to! Of course my camera is going with me and I'm going to see just how many pictures of people and places I can take. I have lots of nieces and nephews that I would love to photograph and I can even think of a couple of places that I would love to get some pictures of.

In the meantime I can't promise that I won't continue my neglect of my poor blog here, but who knows maybe there will be a ton more pictures from this coming weekend that will inspire me to try posting regularly.

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