Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stephanie at the J-6

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As promised I am back and going to start oldest to youngest with posting pictures and tales of how they did.

The events were the Clover leaf barrels, washington poles, hour glass, gated keyhole, and cow barrel. Stephanie rode Valentine for all of her events on Saturday. If you rated horse on an alphabetic system Valentine would be about a "J" for needed skill level. Stephanie is the only one with enough consistent ability to put on Valentine for the whole day. Plus Valentine gets a bit of an attitude with the other girls every now and then because she isn't quiet a finished horse.

Miss Stephanie brought home 2 second place, 1 fourth place, and 2 fifth place ribbons on Saturday. Turns out Steph was more about the equitation on the horse during the even than being about the speed. Their teacher/coach is now hoping and planning on getting her ready for fall and English riding events where all that equitation will pay off well.
Funny thing about my Miss Stephanie is that her favorite ribbons are the fifth place one's because they are pink! I have to give my girl credit though, when it came to sitting in the saddle and looking almost perfect at all points in time form wise...she nailed it!

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