Wednesday, March 9, 2011


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Working on projects around the house are still keeping me busy here. This past Saturday though brought the huge project of working on the back yard. Actually Saturday started off with great frustration over a sink drain that broke and leaked water everywhere in the master bathroom, but upon arriving at my favorite place to shop anymore, we saw BOB sod! Not just BOB sod but BOB sod at a really cheap price! So 600 square feet, Todd's truck very heavily weighed down, all of us raking, lifting, carrying, and rolling out, we have grass in the back yard. Now we just need to get about 2000 more square feet of it to have the back yard that we want. (I'm pretty sure my whole body just screamed at the thought of that one.) As soon as we were done laying the sod out the girls had their shoes and socks off for a walk in the grass barefoot. After some quick clean up 2 of the 3 girls went for sun dresses and bare feet for playing in the new non sticky things grass. (Thanks for the dresses Oma and for the one who just didn't want a dress, she got two necklaces one of which being the most wanted black swirl one from the first batch.)

It is amazing how much the look in the back changed just by adding the sod. I'm hoping we can get more this week and hopefully even finish the whole back yard before the end of this month. It is heavy hard work, but oh so very worth it!

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