Sunday, January 9, 2011

One Nation with Hope

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I find myself this morning going over everything that happened yesterday and the bombardment of news that ensued. More than that I find myself wondering how to explain to my daughters just how someone could do what they did yesterday in Tucson in the name of politics.
All three of the girls had the opportunity to meet Gabby Giffords over this past 4th of July while working at the event in the park in Sierra Vista. All three commented on how much they liked her. Her genuine concern, and care about things people talked to her about. A politician that listened to what other had to say instead of just pushing her own words on everyone around her. They were struck by that and they liked that a lot about her. When the news broke about the shooting at a rally in Tucson yesterday at first their attention wasn't really caught by it. Sadly I think that as a nation we are all just a little to used to hearing about shootings, or bombings, or just death in general now a days and sometimes the first thought is "Great it is just yet another one." Then they heard Gabrielle Giffords had been shot. Suddenly all three of them were glued to the coverage, talking about her, talking about their time meeting her, wondering why someone would do such a thing, wondering how someone could do such a thing. They talked with each other, they texted with friends and at the end of the day there still were no good answers to the question going through their minds. Even sadder is that there will be no good answers to their questions and the best answer that I have for them is that it is a nation very divided that we live in now, and there are some who are willing to go to very extreme levels to make a point. Even if no one understands just what that point is.

I've said many prayers since yesterday for those who were shot, for those who lost their lives, and for the families that have to try to piece their broken hearts back together again in the after math of all of this and I will continue for days I'm sure. I hope to be able to give some explanation to my girls that will answer their questions. I hope to be able to understand it myself. I also hope that as a nation we can take a step back and take a look at where we are going without pointing fingers and placing blame.

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